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Originally Posted by andersonphoto View Post
Green hue is caused by the flash. I guess its not daylight balanced color wise. I did some testing last weekend. In bright daylight if the flash is on it will give a green hue to the photos. I havent tested it indoors but I would assume if you are using your flash you should probably change your white balance to flash as well instead of using auto white balance.
Interesting; your experience differs from mine. In all of the samples I posted (see my posts earlier in this thread), the flash was disabled. I did do some experimenting with the flash in bright sunlight, and I found that the flash made no difference in whether or not the green hue was present. That is, in sun lit scenes where the green hue was not present without the flash, it also was not present with the flash. And, the opposite was true, so that in sun lit scenes where the green hue was present it was present with the flash and without.

There's no question that the green hue appears (or does not appear) based on the specific conditions of the photograph being taken. But, there are some general cases where, at least with my phone, I've been unable to avoid it, no matter what I try. At the beach for example, I tried to work around the issue, but I could not take a picture without the sand looking significantly green. The two samples I posted earlier in this thread are representative of over a dozen beach photos I took. Everyone of them very obviously shows green in the sand (as well as other areas such as shadows on skin). There are other circumstances out side of the beach where I've been unable to avoid the green as well. On the other hand, there are cases where, even in bright sunlight (where I have most often seen the green), I don't see the green.

Any insight or personal experiences that any one else can offer are welcome! And, as already mentioned a few times, if you are experiencing an issue with green hues or tints in your photos, please contact HTC with as much information as possible. This will both help them gain an understanding of the scope of the problem, as well as gather additional data they can use to help isolate and ultimately fix the problem.
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