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Originally Posted by toofastgtp View Post
Over all i think it is a POS.

I am on my 5th phone and 2nd battery.

My most common issues are:
-GPS is spotty at best. Most time it will not lock.
-Daily dead phone to where it takes a battery pull to get phone to power back up.
- System lock up i get a few minutes of please wait then phone acts like it just reset.
- about once a week my phone loses its sound settings.
- Now recently charging slot and headphone jack barley hold on to the cables.

All this in a span of a few months.

I honestly don't know if i want to swap it out again or go for a atrix or a infuse
I really like my Inspire except I have the GPS issue and the volume rocker stics and if I don't notice it the screen stays on and drains the battery. I have no insurance on it so I was going to do the one year warranty exchange; unfortunately they give you a refurb phone so I am living with these two issues. Also not liking the outdoor viewing - basically can't see the screen outdoors at all (my wife's Iphone 4 is easy to read). With those items listed it is still a great phone for me.
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