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Yes this is a known issue which started with the 2D High light photos (beach scenes for example) than trickled down into 3D shots in low light and than recently for me anyway on 4th of July filming the fireworks was terrible with the green hue on the videos so its across the board, very frustrating and well I wish HTC would have just kept the 8mp camera on board for us (2 8mp's would have been very nice!)

You know its a problem when you go to swap out your phone for another one (brand new for the green issue) and the rep uses his own 3D to take a shot of a yellow shopping bag on the counter and it was tinted green on his device - showing both of us its not just a bad batch here rather a widespread issue

I too got a response from HTC after emailing them a response back after they told me it could be fixed with a soft and hard reset - they finally caved and said that they were able to duplicate the problem at the office and the engineers are working on a fix - I guess we will see and I am hoping it comes before our 30days, as if it doesnt i will be thinking about returning the unit and wouldnt know what to get as my finance has the Epic 4g and its terrible (battery, wifi and other issues) Im kinda bummed as my 4G was flawless and had a great camera! -
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