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Default Dropping GPS signal....

Hey Guys and Gals,

I've had my EVO 3D now for close to 3 weeks. I traded in my day 1 EVO and overall I'm happy with the upgrade. Took a little getting used to as far as text size and the new Sense UI but I like it and everything seems to be up to snuff.

However, over the last couple of weeks I've had a chance to take it on a couple of trips to Minneapolis and Chicago and use the turn-by-turn navigation in Google maps. I first noticed an issue while navigating around Minneapolis.

Part 1:
On 2 separate days (mid morning, clear weather) while driving around and using Google maps the navigation would bark out "GPS signal lost" and then pause on the screen. 15-20 secs later it would reacquire the GPS signal and continue. It did this about 5 times in a 20 minute period before I asked my wife to start up Google navigation on her original day 1 EVO. Hers worked flawlessly while my 3VO dropped GPS signal several more times. I never thought much about and just chalked it up as an anomaly in the phone. I uninstalled Google maps and reinstalled it later that night hoping that would fix it.

Part 2:
We took a trip to Chicago earlier this week and I once again experienced this issue while coming home last night. 10-15 minutes after starting up Google maps navigation my 3VO starts barking "GPS signal lost", it pauses for 15-20 secs and then reacquires the signal. After about and 4 or 5 minutes it starts barking "GPS signal lost", pauses for 15-20 seconds and then continues as normal.. It did this over and over until I just shut it off and used my wifes EVO. Weather was clear with a full moon on the interstate heading south.

In the year that I had my orginal EVO I can think of maybe a couple of times that it lost the GPS signal. It always worked very well with almost no issues in navigation other than taking me to a wrong location (Googles fault).

Has anyone else had an issue like this or have an idea to fix?
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