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Originally Posted by RiverOfIce View Post
Wimax 2 is more of a software, server side upgrade, then a phone side upgrade, technology wise the evo 4g will be supported by wimax 2, just not fully capable. The wimax antennas will work with both wimax 2 and wimax. There is no need for another radio. The newier tunneling technology is better then a lot of antennas.

The wireless spectrum globally is really messed up, I would not say that any phone will be able to be used overseas in the mid to distant future. The HTC EVO 3d is 100% compatible with wimax 2, even though it will only use 3/1 mimo. Which means if you are in a supported area, you will connected, locally or globally, but expect the global areas to shrink with all wireless technologies.

HTC evo can use the 800mhz iden spectrum, as soon as it is transferred over to cdma. Also can be used for wimax.

Sprint IS NOT converting over to lte/-a anytime in the foreseeable future. The cost to benefit ratio is just too high. I just order a few hundred wimax and lte chips. Cost for the wimax chip was 8 dollars. Cost of the lte chip was 42 dollars, which is about double what you pay for the touchscreen. Phone wise, that would make the lte chip in the thunderbolt the highest cost part.

Wimax 2 is being tested and rolled out in the united states but will not be turned on until, at the earliest, next year.

1000mbps will never be reached on a phone, lte, wimax, 2 tin cans and a piece of string.
Thanks for posting on WiMax 2 development. The latest I've heard on WiMax testing is in Japan. Wimax 2 Field Trial Demonstrates 150Mbps Wireless Transmission
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