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Originally Posted by digital312 View Post
Want to share an experience I had with T-Mobile/HTC Support last night.

I was having difficulties recieving and sending text messages to phones that were on a network other than T-Mobile. My number got ported over from Sprint on Tuesday.

I called Sprint and they went through made sure my account was provisioned properly and basically said it must be a hardware issue....they live transferred me to HTC Technical Support. A young lady at HTC took my call and we did some basic troubleshooting. Explained the problem to her in detail and she said this is a network issue but don't worry were going to get this resolved, I'm going to transfer you back to T-Mobile and if you don't mind I will stay on the line for the remainder of the call to make sure your issue is resolved.

So now I'm back on the phone with T-Mobile and the lady from HTC is silently in the background. T-Mobile gives me the run-around and they insist it's a hardware issue and are transfering me back to HTC...when all of a sudden the HTC rep who had still been on the phone call chimed in and put the T-Mobile Rep in his place.

To make a long story short she told the T-Mobile rep she had worked for ATT, she basically told him she thought the problem was that there were errors when my number got ported over. T-Mobile rep was like OH....quiet....let me check, puts us on hold comes back and asks me to reboot my phone. Quickly tested with my bros phone which is on another carrier...once I was rebooted....sent a text to my phone....IT WORKS!

T-Mobile rep appeared annoyed that HTC rep was telling him how to do his job...LMAO....T-Mobile rep hastly says is there anything else I can help you with and click....didn't even say thank you....nothing!

I wish I would have gotten the HTC Reps name but she provided a service that was above and beyond and I appreciate that.

Thanks for that excellent story.. I have the Nexus one myself, and I'm loving the phone for the past 17 months... when they make the next phone similar to the N1, and being an unlock phone im not going to be interested. all of these new phones are hot but they can't show there potential without the proper updates. the N1 is always one of the first phone to be updated.. that's why this dam phone is still hot after almost 2 years on the market...
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