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Default What's delaying the Puccini?

I had the understanding that the HTC Puccini was entering production in early June for a late June or early July release. HTC said at their press conference last month that no announcement was ready yet for the Puccini but to "stay tuned". I've been waiting months for any new information and it seems like HTC has "gone dark" on the Puccini.

What's holding it up? The reviews for the Flyer/View were fantastic and it's been heralded as one of the best 7" tablets on the market. Do you think the release of the Puccini has been delayed so it can launch with ICS pre-installed? Maybe they're trying to work into the Puccini the same 3D technology they used in the Evo3D?

Anyone care to speculate why we got so much information about the Puccini a few months ago and suddenly HTC has gone completely quiet about it?

I just got an Evo3D last month and I am eagerly awaiting the release of the Puccini after experience what high quality products HTC makes. The level of customer service and satisfaction they provide is awesome.
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