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Originally Posted by daveradiofm View Post I unchecked it and went to my car and tested it on the car stereo via the line input. (Left my headphones at home) I could only hear the phone alerts from when I disconnected my phone only from the car speakers. I may need to give the car stereo more juice though now that I think of it. A combination of the Texas heat and the a quick lunch has a tendency to rush things.

I'm still not going to give up as I have a couple of other aces up my sleeve that I'm going to try. First, when I do get home...I will do a test with my headphones as well as the stock headphones. If that doesn't work, I will flash to my MetroPCS stock rom and go from there. If the issue persists, it's probably a hardware issue.

I'll still keep at it tonight, and I will give you an update.
alright, try the stock headset first with your phone unchecked voice privacy.
And feel free to email me @ i'll reply soon as possible
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