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Originally Posted by Greynar View Post
Okay I'm officially declaring my revulsion of the Acer support system. I logged this question:
. . .
. . .
Then they had the nerve to mark my case solved! I was able to add a new comment indicating my lack of amusement, which I'll not repeat here. So, as far as I'm concerned after this insult - I'm ready to send my A500 back to Acer in small pieces if this is typical of the answers we can all expect.
Even though at the present time I do NOT have the Wi Fi problem, so far I have only been connected to my home Wi Fi. But I'm traveling soon and am concerned that it may start to fail on other networks so I went ahead and submited a trouble ticket. My reply was almost exactly the same as your reply. They also made the mistake that using the paper clip hardware reset erases all user data and apps when everyone who has used it has stated that nothing was lost.

I'm afraid while the A500 is a nice unit, Acer's support leaves much to be desired. When 3.1 was announced by Google, of course we all want it NOW. But we do understand if it takes a little longer to make sure its done right. But Acer took WAY longer than the other vendors and STILL GOT IT WRONG!! And if its true that the bug is that a DHCP lease file got set with the wrong permissions such that the OS itself couldn't modify it WHAT A DUMB BUG!! But to let 3.1 go out with such a dumb BUT SERIOUS bug shows very POOR knowledge of Honeycomb.

Acer in the past was mainly in the hardware ONLY business. They sold laptops, PCs and other hardware platforms. The software that was loaded on them was usually Windows and while an OEM vendor is supposed to be responsible for their own Windows support most people rely on forums or Microsoft for support.

Here they are not only responsible for the A500 hardware but they are also responsible for the A500 specific variant of Honeycomb and for actively distributing ALL official updates. I think they have a big learning curve and I for one am not sure they are up to it!! If they aren't then they will lose customers to other Honeycomb units. Only time will tell!!

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