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God, first time I opened this thread, and I literally lol'd at some of the comments. Have to give special thanks to EarlyMon as his rapping with 1evo was the first to make me laugh.

The first smartphone I got was the Droid, and after a while, when in conversation, I had to specify that it was the original droid (before I knew people on forums were doing this already) because everyone assumed I had the latest droid (I'm usually the first to buy new gadgets).

However, I got the Evo about a month before the release of the Evo 3d because I wanted to test out Sprint before I got the Evo 3d. Even after the Evo 3d was released, I continued calling the Evo just that. I didn't add original on to it or anything. I suspect this may be because it's still such a popular phone and people don't assume that I must have upgraded just because it's not the newest thing. Once a few more generations of the Evo are released, I can see the name changing more. It's just nowhere near the Droid line yet, when it comes to variations. Everytime you turn around, there's another Droid getting released.

On a side note: It is SO nice to have a phone that doesn't lag everytime I hit something like my Droid. When I was testing out the Evo, I fell in love with that for the same reason, but I was fortunate to not get too attached to it since I knew I would be upgrading to the Evo 3d the day it launched.
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