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Default Effective Variation with Long Range Rockets

Code: 40029

Not quite in the killer class of 00011 -- but close, and if you like a map filled with rockets, this is just the ticket!

Rockets have a radius range of 7 squares and are rapid fire and powerful. Cost is $31. Put a couple in the center and you already have the entire map covered. Turrets are only $2 and so make cheap blockers. Slow towers are $12, effective, but very short range.

The early going is tricky and somehow a few air units will get across, but once you get a lot of rockets -- it's quite a fireworks display. Hundreds of rockets in the air at once.

Other interesting codes:

78005 - Good balance between cannon for ground and anti-air rockets for air.
40030 - Effective short range rockets.
99949 - Very effective balance between cannons and rockets.
69695 - Expensive rockets.
65070 - Even more expensive rockets.
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