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How can I get an android with unlimited data in sept or oct for my wife? GSM iphone trick? Canadian android trick?

sept or oct last year I had a blackjack 2 with smartphone unlimited My wife used to have service with another carrier but I added her to my plan and she got a subsidized samsung mythic with unlimited dumbphone data $10/mo.

A few months later I got my inspire and kept my smartphone unlimited.

I see that it looks like they've made my wife the primary line and she's already up for an upgrade in sep or oct 2011. She wants an inspire like mine or something better they have then.

Few weeks ago she dropped that samsung mythic pos into the pool and killed it. (no ins.) Put her sim in my old unused blackjack II and she started using it. Next day we get texts from ATT saying they've changed her to a smartphone data plan. (2gb $25/mo) this is whaht I expected to happen.

I keep seeing things on the internet (some really old postings) about buying an original gsm iphone from ebay or cl and you can activate it with unlimited data then keep that unlimited data on an actual smartphone. (like a subsidized inspire, attain or inspire 3d [i hope]) But I also see people saying this doesn't work. But I just saw someone on another board today saying it does. Does it?

Or I've also seen people say get an iphone 4 (or 5) subsidized, sell it on ebay. Change the line to a dumbphone with unlimited data (I have several) then buy an android off ebay that was from either 1 or 2 canadian carriers that have the same bands as ATT. ATT wont know the imei of this phone, wont realize its a smartphone and you can continue on with unlimited dumbphone data and maybe have come out cash+ from the sale of the iphone 4/5?? But this also comes with the downsides of no way for insurance on the canadian phone, possibly no wtty and nothing really in black and white saying you can keep unlimited data like I hear you get with the gsm iphone trick.
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