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Default Chinavasion Eclipse Android phone, user manual & plug..

The small hole is a jack for a charger with a very small plug like on a BT earpiece. Use either this or USB, both work fine.

Back in March 2011 I bought the Chinavasion Eclipse as my first Android phone based upon features and price. All in all, I have no real complaints about the phone's speed, memory or features. Even the analog TV works fine to catch news in an analog service area.

WRT to the manual, I plan to post one when I get home and can scan & OCR mine. It is printed in microscopic print - You literally need a magnifying glass to read it. It contains detailed info on basic functions of the phone and each of the apps. This information is common to just about any Android phone. IT HAS ABSOLUTELY NO INFORMATION ON TROUBLE SHOOTING OR ANYTHING OF A TECHNICAL NATURE. In other words, it's quite useless.

About a month later I dropped the phone and cracked the screen. Fortunately, Chinavasion sells replacements, but they said it was back ordered, and it would take 3 weeks. It was the same with my phone. It seems that this outfit has no inventory and they are book selling.

When I contacted Chinavasion's "Live Chat Support" to ask who the primary manufacturer was (in order to get tech info, ROM, updates etc), they said they cannot reveal that information! That is akin to a Chevy dealer not telling you they are part of GM, and don't know where to get service manuals! There are so many Chinese vendors of this phone that it suggests the primary manufacturer will sell to just about anyone, therefore the vendors won't reveal the manufacturer because they are afraid of even more competition. When asked how to reset the phone (not in the manual), they said they didn't know, and that I should send it back for repair. This begs the question: "If you don't know how to reset my phone, why would I send it back to China to you to effect a repair you said you don't know how to do!!!???"

I disassembled the phone, soldered the screen (no push in connectors), and reassembled it. It would hang up at the Android splash screen. That's when I asked for the above tech help - useless. I finally figured out by trial and error how to get to the rescue screen, but I don't have backup ROM on a micro-SD card. Has anyone with one of these made backup ROM for restoring the system? I need one. Can you PM me and help, please?

The REAL PROBLEM with this phone is LACK OF SUPPORT, and this is a function of the vendors. The bottom line is that unscrupulousness is the order of the day with Chinese vendors. They overcharge on shipping, exaggerate features, withhold information on shortcomings, stall on providing tech support or information, or simply lie about anything just to make the sale. Once the sale is made, they stonewall on questions, problems or warranty. When all else fails for them, they resort to the "No spik Engli." I've overheard merchants doing this and afterwards laughing about it with their colleagues in perfect English! The vast majority of information about this phone on the internet is the Chinese merchants themselves salting the water with their hype disguised as customer or third party feedback. In short, there is no respect or honor in this community - only for themselves. Let this be your guide. Before anyone squawks that this racism, it is not. This is a cultural phenomenon, and it's what I've observed for decades. BTW I've left all this in one paragraph so moderators can edit or remove it if it's not sufficiently PC
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