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Cool Troubleshooting Custom Ringtone and Headphone Call issue

I'm rehashing this a little from here (Phone Call earbud issue), but I seem to find both of these resulting from issues with the default phone.apk used on the CM7 Gingerbread mod.

I'm currently using the latest mod from BobZ for 070811 which is amazing. It's fast...usb, GPS, SMS, MMS, camera, video, and Market all work quiet well.

The only 2 issues I have seemed to both be related with the actual "phone" side of the phone.

Issue #1
Headphones: The standard headphone with 2.5 jack and even the 3.5 jack using the 2.5 adaptor works quite well when I'm listening to the media player, napster, youtube, etc. They don't seem to work when placing calls. I've had to do the mute/unmute just to hear the caller, but they can't hear me at all. Voice Dialer won't even respond when my headphones plug in. It's as is the mic gets muted once standard headphones are plugged in. This happens when hot plugging, rebooting, and just plain power off and booting with headphones plugged in. (This feature did work with the MetroPCS stock rom, so I know it's not a hardware issue.)

Issue #2
Custom Ringtones: Regardless of what custom ringtone is set per contact, the default ringtone always rings. I did a Fix Permission and the Default Profile's ringtone started to ring. Removed the Dialer from the Profiles manage apps, and it went back to the default ringtone. (This had also worked with MetroPCS stock rom as well.)

I was wanting to try an idea out. I think both issues are related to the CM7 Phone.apk. Would it be possible to use another phone.apk from a generic Gingerbread rom to replace it.

I had attempted, just for grins, to use Titanium to back up the Dialer and the Dialer Storage and then restore the apps+data from my MetroPCS rom. The install failed, and I think it's largely due to the fact that force stopping is hard to do. Would I need to boot CWM to restore the stock phone.apk for the CM phone.apk? I did uninstall the dialer and dialer storage app, and I attempted a backup restore, but it took several minutes and still hadn't completed as if it had gotten frozen during the process. I stopped it, but I'm wondering if I should have waited longer.

Am I barking up the wrong tree, or would this seem like a probable idea? The MetroPCS stock image is for Froyo.
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