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Originally Posted by McLabia View Post
I used to have a JT jersey, I burned it the moment he pulled that crap. You know who was once lauded as the most promising QB in the league? Jake Plumber...what happened to him? You guys won it in 02-03 because you had a beast of a D and played a trash team. lol. That was evident by the prison raping you guys administered. HOWEVER, what have they done since then? How many times have they made the playoffs again?
Since we need to keep it clean and sports related i need to know how is the leagues number one offense garbage? Because Da Raidas were the leagues number one offense that year....and have the dolphins ever made it to the playoffs after they lost Marino...if you want to argue ups and downs that ALL franchises go through we can laugh at each all day....we arent the most storied franchise in NFL history but i like to think (like in my first post up here) we have a very promising team and any addition of talent whether it be the best cornerback in the NFL or the 8th best cornerback would help a team progress.....we have a lot of young talent that believes in their coaching and preparation and we have a fiery coach thats wants to win...that is a recipe for i stated above i dont think there are too many people who wouldn't agree with me on here.....
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