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So many android phones...
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Originally Posted by Milenko2121 View Post
thank you for that

what about in settings and such? it's all white. i loved froyo's black look.
this white is killing my eyes!

tried handcent and it's nothing like froyo. feels clunky and the themes are meh. the white makes the screen look yellow.
If you are patient, and hunt around, you can find black versions of many of the popular apps. The term you want to use or be aware of in searching is "Inverted". You can find quite a few Inverted apps over on Droid Forums - Droid Forum - Verizon Droid & the Motorola Droid Forum - Search Results - and on the XDA Forum. Although their forum is trickier to navigate through. I'm not currently using any inverted apps with my themes, but I do know that with some minor exceptions, **the apps are not platform specific**. So you can use an Inverted LinkedIn or Facebook, which you found in a Droid X thread or an inverted Handcent found on a Droid Incredible thread, on your Atrix - it's simply an APK which you put on your SD Card and use a file manager like Astro or Root explorer to install. I *would* avoid any Inverted Markets, because those aren't usually apps, but zipped files which must be flashed. I'm leery of using that type of approach unless it's specific to the rom you have installed. Also take a look on MyDroidWorld Forum - some very talented developers hang out over there.

Also look into getting ADW Launcher. There are dozens and dozens of themes (many free) which you can download. Those themes dramatically change the way your phone looks.

The apps are out there, you just gotta find them.

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