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Originally Posted by Whohappy?! View Post
My fascinate suffered from the missed call bug since the update. Taking advantage of the phone exchange program verizon currently has. I was offered DINC2, X2 or Charge. My DC4GLTE should be here Tuesday or Wednesday. Off to the Charge forum for me.
I also hate the name Charge. eww...
Phone exchange program??? I may have to google this...

Overall, I'm still loving rockin' the Fascinate. It's been the best phone I've ever had, honestly. The GPS was working great again today, several times actually. I'm getting better battery life daily than I feel I deserve. I just use the thing a lot. I have especially been using the daylights out of the camera lately, and getting some great shots of parades, family stuff, water falls, and more. Not to mention I customize the crap out of it with new ROMs from time to time.

The only gripe I have with it is the power/screen button. I don't get it. It ALWAYS works EVERY TIME to turn the screen ON. But at least two or three times a day there's NOTHING I can do to turn the screen off. It's like the power button just decides it won't work. I don't understand it. Sometimes it will time out. Sometimes the screen will just sit there on for hours, which makes me appreciate the strong battery.

Regardless of what or when the screen shuts off, the button always works without fail to turn it on. This is a bug or something that I simply do not understand. It does it regardless of stock/rooted status, or whatever custom ROM I'm using. And it's very inconsistent. Sometimes I'll go several days without it happening at all. Then it will happen 2-3 times a day for a week.

Perplexing. But everything else works so well on it - calls, games, texting, photos/videos, etc. It really has been a good phone for me. My wife enjoys her Fascinate a lot too, especially the camera. She probably would've been happy with an iPhone 4, too, but her Fascinate was only $50. She's an accountant, so she wanted the $150 savings much more than the iPhone.
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