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FROM POWER OFF: Press and Hold the R Key, and Power at the same time, until the ClockworkMod menu appears.

BOTH INDULGE MODELS ARE NOW ROM MANAGER COMPATIBLE! Note that ClockworkMod must already be on the phone for it to work. Get ROM Manager free from the android market, open, and select Flash Clockwork Recovery. Choose Samsung Indulge 910 (MetroPCS) or Samsung Indulge 915 (Cricket). Now you should be able to use any of the ROM Manager functions. If you choose Reboot into Recovery from ROM Manager, you'll notice that the ClockworkMod menu is now orange, and says v4.0.1.5, which is the latest official version at the time of this post. Your backups and so forth should be compatible with my original v3.1.0.1 Purple Edition. Please note that you'll only boot into cwm v4.0.1.5 from ROM Manager, it does not replace the purple one from the All in One script.

It was another challenge for me to get official ROM Manager support for these phones... I had to learn some new things to get official support from koush, the creator of ClockworkMod and ROM Manager. Now that the Indulge is supported, Koush will now be able to put the latest ClockworkMod version into ROM Manager. Some will be baffled by the fact that using quickboot reboot recovery or R+Power combo will still boot into ClockworkMod v3.1.0.1... this is because ROM Manager isn't physically replacing the CWM, it is flashing the latest CWM *from* the current one, in what we call a CWM fakeflash. I wanted to explain why there are 2 versions of CWM, and that ROM Manager will always use the latest official CWM build for your phone.


* Make sure the phone is rooted first, and that all the files you want modified in the system are done how you want.
* Use your computer OS terminal to cd to the AIO directory.
* Make a folder named system.
* In the command line, issue the following commands:
adb pull /system system
adb shell ls -lR /system >sysperms.txt
* the system folder on your computer will contain all of the files in the partition, except for symlinks.
* Use the sysperms.txt as a reference for the permissions of all the files, I've found it to be handy. Also note the symlinks in this list, as you'll need to create them in your ROM updater-script.


Since the SCH-R910 (MetroPCS) and SCH-R915 (Cricket) phone models differ in their mounts, ROMs that use model exclusive mount points and kernels should have an assert included in the top of the updater-script to ensure that the zip will only flash on the intended phone model. This can be achieved by using the foollowing edify script:
ui_print("Verifying Phone Model...");
assert(getprop("ro.product.device") == "SCH-R910" ||
       getprop("") == "SCH-R910");
This will prevent a lot of borks we have to deal with in the IRC channels due to someone with with a Cricket model flashing a MetroPCS ROM, for example.

Making ROM zips
Edify scripting
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