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Default [ROM][R910] Basix 1.0 (Aito's Revenge) :: Speed, Battery, Smoothness, Customizability :: 7/24/11

k0nane presents...
Basix for R910
Version 1.0
Updated 7/24/2011
Screenshots, downloads, and changelog in second post! Installation instructions and FAQ in third post!

It's been a long time coming, to say the least. Perhaps I owe you all an apology - this took far too long to see the light of day. Finally, though, it is here. Basix for R910 is a comprehensive, highly-customized ROM, based on the official EE07 release. Sharing a common heritage with SyndicateROM Frozen for the Epic 4G, Basix aims to wring every last drop of potential from what Samsung has given us, and correct most - if not all - of the annoyances in the process. And look good doing it!

Basix was built from the ground up for speed, stability, smoothness and battery life, using some of the most advanced techniques available to ROM developers today. You'll see a marked improvement in every one of those areas... or your money back. (Oh wait. This is free. )

What's in Basix?

This is a very long list - see the second post for a complete changelog from the base, stock ROM. Here are some of the highlights:
  • deodexed
  • PNG optimized
  • zipaligned
  • hand-optimized APKs
  • smoothness tweaks
  • GPS tweaks
  • updated Maps
  • updated Market
  • updated Gmail
  • updated just about everything
  • ad blocking hosts file
  • enabled USB Debugging by default
  • enabled ADB on boot
  • removed throttle service
  • removed "battery full" popup, sound, screen on (no more interrupted sleep)
  • removed startup sound
  • removed SMS, MMS from call log
  • switched music player icon (goodbye fugly teal/lavender)
  • removed MetroPCS-ordered package install blocking
  • removed "low battery" killer in Music Player
  • removed "low battery" killer in Video Player
  • removed "low battery" killer in Camera
  • added highly-optimized Gallery
  • multiple lockscreens available: stock, AOSP, Epic, 4tab, more! (see FAQ)

The list goes on! Of course, every bit of MetroPCS's useless bloatware is gone. The junk has been cleaned, the invasive tracking removed, and insidious limitations removed. Basix makes your device truly yours.

Basix comes with the light and customizable LauncherPro by default - but don't fret, TouchWiz lovers, an addon is available to restore your favorite launcher. Many of the apps that were previously uninstallable have been moved to the data partition, allowing them to be uninstalled at will. A kernel with a customized initramfs is also included, to provide for some of the features in the ROM - a fully-custom kernel will be included with later releases.

(continued in post below)

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