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Originally Posted by Hype View Post
I saw a couple of screenshots where people were renaming applications, I'm not sure what to put in the search box as I get nothing but randomness and nothing to the related subject.. Some people that submit applications don't see it necessary to properly capitalize something or just plain out all lowercase and I'm pretty anal when it comes to such things, how am I able to do this?

I figured this was the right area to post this in considering I need some support on how to do this, if I was wrong then I'm sorry for posting this in the wrong section.
The Market search engine is quite simple in nature ....

so if enter the minimum search text to get the broadest of hits ...

the search looks at names and the info (program descriptions) for word or txt matches ....

So if you see a discussion on say "my way home with gps" .. dont even try to search with that ... simply try like "gps" (of course without the quotes !!!
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