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Default Phone contract advice?

Hey there, I'm currently looking at getting the HTC desire, and I'm trying to work out if I need a phone contract or not. Trying to work out the best deal for me, and so far, i'm having difficulty.

I'l start by saying, I don't use a phone much. I don't make anywhere near 500 minutes of calls or 5000 texts, but the deal I'm looking at with three has 500 minutes, 5000 texts and 1gb of internet for 25 a month with the phone for free. That seems a great deal, if I'm using that many minutes and texts, otherwise it'l be money spent on services I'm not using.

The main reason I'm on the fence is the monthly internet allowance. I keep reading on all contracts that the limit is 1 GB, which seems a fair amount. I don't know if I'l use that or not, given most of my browsing will hopefully be done via wifi, but it's hard to tell what situations I could be in without wifi, you know out and about and such.

I've looked at pay as you go sim cards that offer internet at 20p per MB, which seems cheap/expensive, as 1 GB on that would cost me near 204 (if my maths is right)! I guess I need to work out how much internet I will be using really, as that is my main concern for whether I need a contract or not.

My question is, how much do you use the internet on your phone, is 1 GB too much/not enough, what does it go onto, downloads, apps, youtube, etc?

Hell, Do you think I should get a contract at all? I'm honestly leaning towards not, but the thought of the 3G costs running up heftily makes me unsure. That, and if I go pay as you go, I need 400 odd for the phone itself.

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