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Originally Posted by andrewjh07 View Post
Ive had it since launch:

-Android, so its highly customizable, very easy to download free music from apps on the app store, as they arent screened very well
-Best android ui (HTC Sense)
-Amazon App Market! The free app of the day deals are amazing
-Nice screen
-No steve jobs telling you what you can or cannot have!

-Suspect GPS
-Freezes up sometimes and will take a few seconds to catch up, not as smooth as iPhone 4
-Battery is dreadful, who wants to have to charge everyday?
-No Netflix officially
-Speaker is too quiet at loudest setting

All in all I really like this phone despite its shortcomings. Would I trade for an iPhone 4? Maybe. iPhone 5? Definitely. Ive seen alot of deals to get this phone for free on 2yr renewal, so I would say it is worth it, but in my opinion, the Android platform is best suited for "tech whizzes" and an iPhone would probably be the best fit for people not technologically educated, because it just works, without having to know alot about anything.

Disclaimer- I generally hate Apple products because of Jobs, but I tried to give this phone as fair as a review as possible.
It's very difficult for a multitasking device to be as smooth as a non-multitasking device. The iPhone is able use all of its resources to run the foreground application. The battery could definitely be a lot better. Visit my profile over at XDA (here). View my signature. You'll see some helpful links on making battery life better.
"Unused RAM is wasted RAM"
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