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Well that is a good question but the easiest answer is simply the republican party is really more of a general name then a specific entity. In reality people vote based on belief system not fact system. There are roughly 6 belief parties in the united states. 1.) socially conservative, financially conservative. 2.) socially liberal, financially conservative. 3.) socially conservative, financially liberal. 4.) socially liberal, financially liberal. 5.) Anti government conservative. 6.) anti government liberal. Now those belief parties randomly assign themselves to the democrat republican parties depending on who they are running against. For example. If you have a socially conservative, financially conservative person running as a republican, the democrat could easily be a socially liberal/conservative, financially liberal/conservative. But wants the party position more then the other guy. To answer the question, because of beliefs. People believe that one candidate suits them better then another. Those beliefs set themselves into a two party system, because of money.
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