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Originally Posted by twospirits View Post
This is true, I am still debating whether to do it with Wirefly or Sprint Premier. Getting up at my usual time and doing the purchase at 7AM EST (6Am CST) isn't so bad. Do i want to spend more money and do it with Sprint and get it overnight or stay with the savings and do it with Wirefly.
Also does doing it with Sprint allow you to get it billed to your account or does one have to have a credit card in hand. i know with Wirefly credit card is the only option.

Well I still have a few hours to decide.

Originally Posted by mkvoran View Post
TS - I don't know about charging to your account - back in the day when I first opened my sprint account (10 years ago) I remember that you could charge purchases to your account so long as you had the sufficient 'spending limit'. I have no idea how it works these days though....

I guess what I am weighing right now, is if the 70.00 savings is worth not having the 'peace of mind' of getting it from Sprint or BB/local retailer etc.

So long as I don't get a lemon phone and have to deal with customer service from a distance, I should be fine.

Think I am going to go for it.
TS - Depends on the savings is worth it for you vs. convenience and getting the phone earlier than the 1st or 2nd (depending on how fast wirefly shipping goes).

TS/mkvoran - I can confirm that the phone purchase can still be charged to your account and I believe there's still a "limit." Only reason I know that is I was on the verge of purchasing an EVO View 4G and they said I could charge it directly to my account if I wanted, but the tablet charges weren't and aren't worth it (I can get a HTC Flyer, pay the extra 29.99 for wireless hotspot on the Photon or even root the phone and get free hotspot, and end up having unlimited data vs. the limited 3G data that Sprint caps on the tablet plans...they really messed up on those tablet plans).
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