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Originally Posted by nlsme View Post
The question was posed directly towards the republican party because of their policies that favor the rich, while hurting the poor. Look at the current debt talks to see exactly what I am talking about. Now, look at the article, and see how outnumbered the super rich are. I can understande the top 1% of American's (in terms of wealth) favoring the Republican party. I just can't understand the bottom 99% even giving them the time of day.
I can tell you I am certainly not in the 1% (in terms of wealth) you can only see supporting the Republican Party. But I don't like to be told what I should do with my money and the "spread the wealth around" philosophy favored by our current president and a good chunk of the Democratic Party makes me sick. Call me a terrible person but I don't give a crap about a drug addict on the streets of Seattle and certainly don't want my hard earned dollars going to programs for that person.

If I so choose to help people out anywhere, I will do so by giving donations to programs I see fit. Being forced to do so by way of taxes from our government is not something I support. A lot of candidates are forced to choose between the 2 party system we have in order to get elected even though they don't agree with all their ideals. So I have absolutely no problem electing a Republican or Democrat that favors my ideals.

We are all supposed to be treated equally in this country but why am I forced to pay a greater percentage of tax than a person making minimum wage? My reward for becoming a more productive member of society is to pay a greater percentage of my wages to the government. Seems like the worst incentive policy I have ever heard.
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