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Originally Posted by Roymus View Post
Sorry if this has been covered, but I'm picking up a new EVO3D tomorrow and would like to confirm with the gurus on here the proper way to transfer my 32GB SD card from my current EVO4G phone. Here's what I think I'm going to do:

4. Copy movies, pictures, and/or music ONLY from the EVO4G Backup folder to the EVO3D folder. I am not planning to copy any other app or system folders from EVO4G to EVO3D, as I think that may mess up the 3D with old junk (one exception: I will probably copy a backup of my call log, SMS, MMS, and bookmarks made using MyBackup so I can restore them onto the new phone...I will need that stuff). If anyone has any suggestions for folders I should copy from my EVO, please let me know.

5. Turn off both phones and transfer my 32GB SD card from my EVO4G to my EVO3D. Turn on the EVO3D and format the 32GB card in the EVO3d (how is this done? I'm not sure, but I'm betting it's a good idea). I also plan to put the 8GB SD card provided with the EVO3D into my EVO4G and format it.

My only question on the above (bolded) is how to do the SD card format in the new phone...other than that, let me know if I'm missing something. Thanks, all...
The phones will automatically detect and mount FAT file system cards universally, doesn't matter if it is new or old. No formatting (erasing) necessary unless you want to clear all files and libraries from them (recommended), or partition the card for another file system (advanced users).

Sounds like you are on the right track. I moved some other files over, like my Angry Birds profile and other game saves (although I have not tried to use them yet). Don't forget the '.data' folder because it contains your copy of Green Hornet 3D and HTC Watch update.'dcim' as you know contains your camera photos. Some other files may have things in them the system needs ('.android_secure' and 'Android'?). Back up first, Format the cards, then reload files on them so you have a fresh start. And always keep a back up copy on your computer just in case.

To get to the format (erase) utility through the phone: From the home screen press Menu -> Settings -> SD and Phone Storage -> Unmount SD card -> Erase SD Card. If I recall correctly, The phone can only format cards up to 16GB.

I highly recommend this Formatting (erase) utility for the PC though: SD Card Formatter 3.0 It is a computer utility that erases and formats SD cards. The software is produced through official channels and is distributed by the SD Card Association themselves.

It features a Full Erase and Full Overwrite mode as well as quick format. I like full overwrite because it helps me feel more secure in that my data is erased from the card and over written by 1's and 0's, where as the quick format utility found on the phone may potentially leave recoverable data. Be aware, the full overwrite will take a long while, be prepared to set it and come back later. It is a good little utility nonetheless.
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