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Originally Posted by Roymus View Post
Sorry I meant to post my steps as a new thread, but appreciate the comments. Question to Pyro: You said that "the phone can only format cards up to 16GB"...can that be right? I and many others have a 32GB card, the phone can read it as such...
You created a new thread, but it is a frequented subject with an established home so a moderator politely merged it to where it has been more or less asked and answered before.

I know it sounds weird but it really did use to be true back when the Evo 4G came out and 32GB cards were new/scarce, It may have been fixed with the new versions of Android I can't recall for sure. There was a software problem where it could read and write to 32GB cards but for some reason Android's format option was grayed out or shot an error. Like I said it may have been fixed but I have had a 32GB card for over a year and vividly remember experiencing it first hand.

That is why I knew of the SD formatting utility in the first place, and I won't use anything else now. It really is a wonderful free tool to have.

Found some documentation from last April for fun (it must have been fixed a month or three after this with an update):
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