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Originally Posted by persim View Post
But I don't like to be told what I should do with my money and the "spread the wealth around" philosophy favored by our current president and a good chunk of the Democratic Party makes me sick.
Well said my friend.

I completely agree with you.

I live in one the most socialist countries and it is on the borderline of becoming communist. There are a lot of problems in my country because of socialism and cultural issues.

SA the biggest welfare state in the world, says economist - Business - Mail & Guardian Online

We are one of the most dangerous places in the world to live in because of socialism and cultural issues:

Top 10 Most Dangerous Places on Earth

You see, I have lived my whole life in a socialist / semi - communist country and our country is a real serious screw up and pathetic hell holl.

Socialism doesn't work and neither does communism. It has been proven during the Cold War and in other places too.

I am completely aware of the dangers of a socialist and communist system becuase I have lived my whole life in a socialist system and believe socialism is flat out dangerous.

And yes I agree with you, you shouldn't spread the wealth around, or have welfare it is dangerous.

That is basically like communism.

It is against human rights to have welfare, you are correct. I tried to explain this to other people but they did not understand me sadly.

And I also agree with you that you should not have to help someone out of their problems that you did not creat in the 1st place. It is forcing you to pay for someone elses problems. We did not creat their problems in life but some how we must pay for for their problems with welfare?

It is very wrong to be forced to do that.

Anywayz never mind that.

Originally Posted by persim View Post
We are all supposed to be treated equally in this country but why am I forced to pay a greater percentage of tax than a person making minimum wage? My reward for becoming a more productive member of society is to pay a greater percentage of my wages to the government. Seems like the worst incentive policy I have ever heard.
Wow that is so true!

I agree with you 120%.

You should get rewarded for your hard work and not the other way round, which is what you have said there.

You are 120% correct again.

People should get rewarded for doing well in life and not the other way round.

You are right.

Seriously well said.

P.S. I might sound like a heartless person but you have to look after yourself and not bear the burden of every body else's problems / issues in life because that is not fair to take on others problems. You have to look after your self sad but true.
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