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Hmm....ask me.

Originally Posted by flash35 View Post
I'm a Cricket Franchise owner. [<---USEFUL!!! ] Cricket unlike other cell phone providers does not charge you all kinds of crazy fees. Cricket $55/m is actually $55/m plus tax so your monthly bill would always be under $60/m. Cricket Corp stores do not flash phones, you would have to find a Individual franchise owner who has the software to flash phones, which not many do. My store does flash phones, you can do a google search who flash phones in your area, search craigslist or ebay of people flashing phones to cricket, boost and metro. I have many happy customers who have flashed there Sprint and Verizon phones to Cricket
I'm with MetroPCS, and I'm happy with the billing and generally have no complaints. They're actually slightly cheaper for the same essential smartphone/android plan than Cricket at a truly flat $50/month, taxes already included. However, Cricket has 3G, right? At least for the next few years from what I understand?

As you can see under my name, I have an LG Optimus M, which is, suffice it to say, the same damn thing as the Optimus C you sell. Is it flashable over to Cricket? It's rooted and customized as all get out (ROM is still based off the original Metro ROM though).

And also, does Cricket do the no contract month to month thing like Metro, or is it contract?

EDIT: Also, I'm asking this under the idea that I probably wouldn't be able to do this anytime soon, as it would be a roadtrip for me plus the slight bill increase, and I'm pretty broke right now lol. It would be a roadtrip because I'm in the DFW area in Texas, and the nearest Cricket stores are down in the Houston area. So I'd go down, get flashed to a Houston number since long distance doesn't matter anymore anyway, and then go back up to DFW because Cricket has coverage there.
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