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Originally Posted by FramCire View Post
Why would they have a "good amount " of refurbished incredible 2?

Seems like they would have more.refurbished incredible.
Yes and no. The Incredible has been out longer, and among the sales, returns and warranty exchanges on the device I bet there are fewer decent Incredibles versus Incredible 2 models. Support for the Incredible is going to wane. I highly doubt the Incredible 2 is going to get kicked to the curb after awhile also. Phones running up to 3G only, regardless of processors and OS versions, won't be the hot ticket anymore. They have to have a good number of current refurbs on hand to support the latest product.

Surely a person who just got an Incredible 2 doesn't want to get the OG Incredible.


I do have a legitimate claim in with Asuiron from earlier this month that I couldn't complete because the fine folks at Asurion couldn't validate my address. I know with my Incredible being rooted I could not turn it in to Verizon and risk getting charged for the replacement. I have suspected water damage but the visible moisture indicators have not gone off.

Asurion in the online process informed me that since the Incredible is no longer being produced, my replacement will be a Incredible 2. Your mileage will vary.
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