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Originally Posted by kevinrubio View Post
Update on this "3G" service
So i went into this two days ago when the two members (above me somewhere) confirmed they had 3G in Florida. So i called metroPCS (*611) like 5+ more time, and im not kidding about that number. Anyways i called them and let me just tell you something they have to get their facts straight,
so this one person said that all their phones ran 3G, which was a lie. And another said the ascend was a CDMA (a connection that is lower than 1G) which i was shock, kinda. Then another said that its something like the 3G service but its slower, he described it as VO connection. So apparently no works or managers of metroPCS knows about 3G for the ascend or for any phone of there's. You think it's a secret of metroPCS top's are hiding from their works ? Lol so all this stuff is confusing me, i really just want 3G on n=my phone but i guess MetroPCS can't handle that ! So is there anybody else here that can confirm that their metroPCS Huawei ascend is 3G?
umm my DX is CDMA and does 3G just fine lol Sounds like you talked to some real iggits lol
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