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Originally Posted by MicroNix View Post
The fact that no date has been announced formally by Verizon is pretty much the icing on the cake. You (Motorola/VZW) tease of a phone at CES in JANUARY for spring and don't deliver. No word from VZW or Motorola other than rumors of a delay. Then more rumors of more delays. Then its coming in "summer". Then more rumors of delays. Still nothing formal from Moto or VZW on a launch date. Its down right maddening, especially for those nursing D1s which VZW sold us just over a year ago that are dying and in need of replacement. And all of us, thinking the Bionic was going to drop in May/June and then being strung along *is* reason to be upset. The phone we were teased with in January is the phone we wanted. Now we could start a class action lawsuit against VZW and Motorola for selling the D1 with cheap hardware (the digitizer in my case) that break just after the year warranty is up, but we just want to BUY another good device. If the Bionic is really a Bugonic, tell us its a POS we'll move on.
Your post pretty much spells out why Verizon hasn't in the past, and won't in the future make a formal announcement for a phones release until a few weeks before the actual release date. I mean, you say it in your post..... rumors of delays..... nothing formal from VZW or Moto. When the rumors turn out to be unfounded, you're mad at Verizon..... NOT the blogs and rumor mills that actually posted the rumor! And who was it that told you the Bionic was going to "drop" in May or June? Was it Verizon? I don't think so. So just who was it that "strung you along"? I'll bet you it was one of the tech phone websites.... but still... you're mad a Verizon when it didn't happen.....

On the other side of the coin, if Verizon did post a tentative release date for a phone and then 3 weeks before the date came out and said due to a parts shortage in China the phone would be delayed 3-5 weeks, people would be all over these forums posting that the largest wireless company is a liar, they don't care about their customers, they are just "Stringing us along", etc. So you see they can't win, so they choose not to say anything at all.

If I posted in a blog that on August 10th, Verizon was having a 1-day sale where all their phones would be sold for 1 cent, and you went into the store on August 10th and found out all their phones were normal price, would you be mad at Verizon? Or.... ME????

I know your last sentance "If the Bionic is really a Bugonic, tell us its a POS we'll move on" was just being sarcastic, because you don't really expect Verizon to formally announce that the Bionic will be a POS.

So I guess my point is lay the blame where the blame belongs.

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