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Originally Posted by oBIGTo View Post
Same name different phone. That phone has scrapped along with the release date, and no new date has been anounced.
Note that the arrogance of Moto never actually permitted them to admit they had scrapped the phone.

DROID Bionic Undergoing Enhancements Including “Improved Form Factor” Android Phones, Android Tablets, News, Tech, Gadgets And More, Thedroidguy

Calling it "enhancements" and later putting it up a live signup page that says "THIS SUMMER" and then not releasing it until after the NFL season starts. . . that's lying.

Look, we're not being negative for negativity's sake. I actually still really like my D1. That tells me that Moto is a good company making quality stuff, for the most part.

But this past year they have been awful in their PR moves and in simply getting a phone out with 4G. And why? Because they wanted to make their own stupid chip that they could then license to everyone else and make a ton of money. They don't care about the ones who want to buy their 1st gen 4G phone. And that's okay. There is a lot of money involved. But don't condemn us for calling them out on their bull%$&*.

It's our money.