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First off the wait does mega suck I know how you all feel. I am still using my horrible LG Dare. I been waiting for this phone since all of you guys. I had an upgrade back in Aug 2010 and still waiting.
First lets give moto crap for all they wanted to do and trying to make more money by making there own LTE chip. That just delayed the release (other reason we might never know) and now other great phones will be release around the same time. So now we feel like we been ****ed around my Moto. So giving them crap is totally legit.

Now you have to give them some credit to on the other hand. They did not try to rush this phone out like HTC did with the thunderbolt and other LTE phones. They took there time (even those a little to long then we like) and made sure the phone was perfect. They redid the whole phone since there were problems with it. They fixed all the problems and even made the phone better adding an extra 512mb of ram. They have tested the phone a number of time to make sure all bugs are fixed. Also they are the ONLY company who was willing to add a dual core processor on LTE. LTE is a new technology so manufactures are learning it as they go. So no one other then Moto wanted to put a 2011 phone on it. Manufactures just wanted a phone on LTE and be done with it till next year or later in the year. Also Moto is trying to give us better battery life on LTE as we all know all the phone suck in that aspect. So they are do all they can to make sure the phone is perfect. I think we all need to chill out and just be patent. This phone will be good if the droid 3 is any indication. Droid 3 I will say is the BEST keyboard phone out right now.

Finally why is everyone already saying the Samsung Galaxy SII I will get over Moto. First no word has been said about a release date on the verizon version or even passed the FCC. Second we do not know what phone is better since both of them are not on verizon. We are only speculating at this point and just getting angry over Moto so we are all saying we are getting the SGII. Great things take time to build and will do not happen overnight. So just be patient and wait. Also the Nexus line of phone have never come to verizon so who is to say that the prime will be on verizon? Your all just going to be playing the same game that you did with Moto, but never know if it will hit verizon or not. I say just wait till it comes out and try it out. If you like it buy it and if not do not. The long you wait for the next best rumored thing the longer you will wait!
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