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Originally Posted by BlueBiker View Post
Originally Posted by bluefire1914 View Post
Because they wanted to make their own stupid chip that they could then license to everyone else and make a ton of money.
Yeah, how dare they try to be innovative and contribute new technology to the industry!
Also never mind that their LTE chip might be an improvment over whats out now...I hope so after all

Yea folks are frustrated. But try to look at it thru Moto's eyes for a minute. If they lost anyone as a customer for an upcoming phone, thats a gamble they had to know existed and seems like one they were willing to take.

Taking that gamble for the long term to me seems a better choice than going the HTC route with the Thunderbolt. The Charge and Revolution doesnt seem to have any issues like the Thunderbolt. They also arent dual core, LTE phones either.

Moto switched from Tegra 2 back to OMAP for a reason for the Droid 3 and Bionic. I assume part of that reason was for a better phone overall. Them delaying the Xoom LTE upgrade while they made their own chip, another gamble I assume they felt was better in the long term.

At this point, when its released and it doesnt walk on water folks are gonna rip it apart anyway.... There will be Moto fans that will give it a hard look or get it just because its made by Moto. There are some that dont even know this phone is coming out. Just be happy with whatever phone you wanna get or the phone you do get.
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