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Originally Posted by bluefire1914 View Post
I'm just trying to point out that Summer to most people is June through August, picnics, boating, hotdogs, fireworks, etc.

When someone says their kids are going to be on "summer" vacation soon, no one stops and asks "Oh, really, and when in September are they going to be on vacation?"

Besides, no one can tell me that Moto didn't announce this back in January for a Q2 release. So yep, that's lying!!

Look, honestly, if Moto had said "Hey everybody, we've been testing the crap out of this device and discovered some bugs that we can't work out and don't want to saddle you with. We've decided, instead, to develop a 4G chip that will be 100% better and will use a lot less energy, not to mention a faster processor and a better screen for you, but it won't be out til end of September", fine! Actually, I think that type of announcement would've garnered a TON of respect AND it would have created the same amount of anticipation. I still would've forgone buying the Charge or Thunderbolt, because I'd figure I'd get a 2nd generation 4G chip with a faster processor.

It's their promise of 2nd quarter and then NOTHING. . . .that's what pisses me (and a lot of other people) off.
You're right. Once they opened their mouth at CES in January, going silent with the whole thing was wrong. People drool over these things, and plan upgrades around release schedules - and when the product fails to materialize with no word from the manufacturer or carrier, those people are left in limbo, possibly having missed a great promotional price on an alternate choice in the meantime. It's a difficult situation for customers to be in.
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