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Originally Posted by MicroNix View Post
At CES, in January, the Bionic was "announced" for a Q2 release. So yes, there was an announcement of a release.

Please don't preach to me if you really haven't been following the Bionic from the beginning.
Not preaching but the annoncement was from Motorola, not Verizon.

And the verbage in the announcement was,

"As we mentioned, pricing is still unknown, but availability should be around Q2 of this year"

The important key words here are "availability should be" This is a far cry from a promise or solid release date. Got this info here, from cnet:

I'm just saying that all this blaming of Verizon is misplaced. Don't you think if Motorola delivered the phones ready for sale, Verizon would sell them? Verizon makes money selling phones and servicing same. They don't make any money until this happens.

I say again, Verizon never promised to release the Bionic in Q2. They don't do that. I'm not saying it wasn't a target though.

And please, I'm not "preaching".... just trying to make the points supporting my side of this discussion, just the same as I assume you are doing. Don't take these discussions personally, just healthy discussion of the topic regarding the Bionic release.

Believe my, I'm looking forward to the Bionic as much or more than you. I'm waiting for a great LTE phone for use here in Honolulu, now that Verizon has "lit up" Hawaii with 4G.

I remain, Patiently/Impatiently waiting for the Bionic release.
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