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I'm just saying that all this blaming of Verizon is misplaced. Don't you think if Motorola delivered the phones ready for sale, Verizon would sell them?
I think that the general feeling HAS been directed towards Moto, not Verizon. At least in my case. I actually love Verizon. I think it's a little pricey, but not much more than anyone else, and my coverage is excellent. My unlimited data, I've found, really IS unlimited, and I love that they allowed us to be grandfathered in, instead of switching us to tiered like new customers.

Yes, I do think that 90% of Verizon store reps have no idea what they're talking about regarding phones and specs, and yes, I do think that's deplorable.

Having said that, any delays or bugs in phones or software has nothing to do with them. They're just pushing product.

So, IF I get the Bionic and I bring it in because the battery is lasting only 4 hours and the phone is overheating like crazy and that freaking ugly Motoblur is making my dual core 1 GHz processor act like a single core 500 MHz phone, I MIGHT bring it in just so I can swap it for another Bionic, but I won't be asking them anything else. Why?

1. They wouldn't know what to say except "Hmm, that's weird, no one else's Bionic is acting that way."

2. It's not their fault.