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Originally Posted by apinkel View Post
Thanks for the comparo. The screens on both the E3D and P4G look really impressive compared to E4G, better contrast and color.

Thoughts on build quality between the 3?

If you get the time, could you do some browsing speed tests? Browsing speed is the one area where I really, really want more speed and I prefer real-life head-to-heads when possible. Maybe include some desktop sites like cnn, engadget, anandtech.
Sure thing.

Build quality wise they all feel pretty solid. I the P4G feels the lightest (and spec wise I believe it is). The 3VO IMO, feels the best in hand though, it truly feels solid (something hard to describe in other), and it's slightly heavier.

Sound quality seems to be better on the P4G. With my Evo 4G, right out of the box it had a tinny quality to it, and tended to crackle. The speaker however was great. The 3VO also had pretty tinny earpiece quality, although it was an improvement over the Evo 4G. The speaker left some room for improvement, mainly in the volume department. It didn't project alot of sound. The P4G has good sound from both the speaker and the earpiece.

One slight annoyance with the P4G. With the Evo 4G and the 3VO, the screen edges are flush with the edge of the phones. There isn't a noticiable transition from glass to bezel. With the P4G it's not the case, there is a noticible lip. Although the gorilla glass screen does curve upward slightly towards the edge, it's not enough to make it flush with the bezel/edge. That is going to be a dirt attracting area.

Something worth noting on the P4G. The Kickstand. When it is out it puts the phone into kickstand mode (as long as you have that option enabled), which puts the phone into landscape mode.... too include the Android UI. The phone can work with the kickstand on either side, so you can have the volume and camera buttons oriented up, or you can have the hdmi and charging ports oriented up. It's a pretty neat and thought-out feature.
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