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That will vary depending on your default browser and is just what it says - a browser test.

I only had one browser where I matched the Evo 3D tests on my browser - and I don't know who is reporting what, but I really have all my benchmarks pretty much matching the Sensation (the 3vo is all but the same phone) - so, I'd derate those published claims (wouldn't surprise me if there's some fanboy biasing of results going on there).

And there's some long discussion out there about how Vellamo behaves with tablet browsers and tablet screen sizes, so I don't bother with the Galaxy as measure.

Sorry, I shoulda said all that going in, my bad.

My 3vo scores from 720 to 780 on it depending on browser - it's good at showing the variability.

If you like, maybe see what you get with an alternative, like Boat Browser Mini. Do a desktop search to force the Photon to ask you which browser to make the default before running Vellamo. That is easily reversed and won't screw up your other configs at all, promise.
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