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Originally Posted by Jus10 View Post
OK, normally I know my stuff but with some of the more upgraded things, I still have some stuff to learn... so Marc or anyone who works Care, I just bought the Samsung Infuse and popped my SIM into it expecting full access, but I can only call or text. No internet. Confirmed I don't need a new SIM. Care and the store both told me that I need my Smartphone Unlimited Data plan to be updated for a 4G phone.

I have ERP so I can only do this from the ERP site which I currently cannot acccess (due to my employment status.) I'm afraid what they mean by update to a 4G data plan means I have to take DataPro and lose my Unlimited Smartphone Data. I'd rather not do that, and I won't have access to the site for another few days. The thought is eating my brain alive, can anyone confirm that I'll keep my unlimited data for the same price please?

Tried logging in to my account and that's no help either. thanks in advance.
I dont work for AT&T anymore, but I came here to save your unlimited data.
I remember some 4g phones I sold did not like the stock APN so we have to change that.

go to: settings->wireless networks->mobile networks-> APN (access point names) -> hit menu, add/new apn-> under name just type "att" and under apn just type "wap.cingular"-> hit the menu button and press save, should return you to the APN list. make sure the new APN is selected, wait 30 seconds or so and you should have Data.

Hope that helps.
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