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As always great post Novox77! I really would like to say thanks for all the nice work you put in around here. But, I'm writing this right now because Revolutionary failed to load clockworkmod recovery on my phone. I know its happening to a lot of people but I think tha it's kind of crappy that it works for some people and not for others. And it seems like my luck (i.e. bad luck) that it didn't work for me, as I am a noob! Anyways, after reading a few things I decided to try to use the Fastboot Method. I was unsuccessful with loading the fastboot drivers (followed complex instructions off XDA Dev. because at the time I hadn't found your thread yet). Anyways after an unsuccessful attempt I moved onto trying the Method of manually flashing a recovery image. Unfortunately, at first it didn't work for me. I followed your instructions to perfection!

When I load into my phones bootloader the recovery option is in green, however when I click on it, the phone shows a red triangle with an exclamation point...Supposedly this means that I don't have a recovery image successfully installed on the phone.

Forgive me if this sounds like a stupid problem to have but I'm a noob, and believe me this is my first time rooting so I expect a little trial by fire.

Atleast I have been reading and reading about rooting for the last 2 days!
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