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Aright, it is my turn to decide on which phone I should upgrade to. I have been holding off for awhile now but my gf have decided to buy me a new phone for my birthday. So here are three phones that I'm deciding on (what I like and dislike about it). If there are other phones I should consider, please let me know.

1. HTC Evo 3d - In general, I like this phone the most. The appearance and the feel to it is nice. I like Sense UI. Seem to have the most support in custom roms (I want the ability to tether my phone). I don't care much about the 3D part, but I do care about 2D picture/video quality (I wasn't too impress with my gf's HTC Evo camera). So if you guys can let me know how are the qualities like on it, I would appreciate it. And also, how is the battery life, that's another thing that really concern me. I want a phone that can last me the whole day with medium to heavy usage.

2. Motorola Photon - Overall, I wasn't very impress with this phone when I saw it in the store. I didn't like the looks of the phone, especially the corner edges. And the UI just doesn't seem to appeal to me like Sense UI. The one thing that makes this phone stand out is the worldwide capability. I travel to Taiwan occasionally, so having this feature might come in handy. And lastly, it has 8mp versus 5mps on the EVO 3D (I know mp doesn't mean everything. Does anyone know which one takes better pictures?)

3. Samsung Galaxy SII - Based on the videos I saw on the internet, the screen on this phone looks amazing. And the form factor is also very sleek and thin. But does Samsung phones have same amount of developers creating custom roms compare to HTC phones? And to my knowledge, the release date hasn't even been announce yet. So don't know how long I have to wait for this phone.

So what do you guys thinks? Are there other factors or phones that I should consider? Thanks
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