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Originally Posted by gamblor01 View Post
Welcome to the forums! Hopefully I can answer your all of your questions. If something still isn't clear then just let me know and I'll try again.

By default the HD2 runs Windows Mobile 6.5. It's really an unfortunate thing because the hardware specs of the HD2 are really quite impressive, particularly when the phone was first released. Certainly there are other operating systems out there and the latest ones that are the most popular are Windows Mobile, Android, or iOS (for iPhones).

Since it was released people have figured out how to hack around things on the phone and replace Windows Mobile with Android. I personally think this is a great improvement. I helped a buddy of mine install Android on his HD2 and he is loving it. He claimed the default OS (Windows) was buggy, had very little applications available for it, and had a really poor user interface.
Understood. Now, when I had Verizon, I had their original Droid. Twas a great program and an excellent phone. I love the Android operating system.

Yet, Androids biggest claim to fame from my side is its reliance upon Google (tis, after all, their idea). Thus, a g-mail account is required for the e-mail and everything else on the phone. Problem is that his google account can't be erased from the phone unless I somehow remove everything and start over. There has been no operation discovered online thus far to allow me the ability to remove it.

I have my own Google account on the phone, but it won't take mine in place of his. So, I can't download apps (it wants his password). It won't allow me to go into it and replace his account with mine. Now, if we can come up with a way to accomplish this, I may be more inclined to not go through the trouble of having to redo 208 contacts (I am a cabby, and most are my customers).

So while Android may well be superior, I can't actually use its functionality because of the Android requirement--or at least its stubborness at not realizing its my phone now! LOL. I can't use Android Market to download anything, nor can I get it to stop trying to sync to his account. He tried to talk me through a reset, but this had no effect, and he's left uncertain as he had a friend of his do this Android update to his phone.

I feel like I'm an idiot, and I actually had an Android for a long time and already should know how to get around all of this.

This is a term meaning you have unlimited access to the operating system on the phone. Android is based off of the Linux operating system, and the "super user" account in Linux is named root. It's similar to the Administrator account in Windows. The root account has the ability to do anything in the system, including deleting the entire file system itself (which isn't too terribly useful or smart). Of course, you have to execute the appropriate command to do this so don't worry that you're going to do it on your phone.

Typically manufacturers ship phones with a crippled user account. Rooting your phone simply means that you are gaining access to the root account so that you can do things like remount certain directories with read/write access (instead of the default read-only access) and delete pre-installed applications. There are also certain applications in the market that require root access before they are functional/useful (for example, wifi tether which can shares your phone's internet access with a computer).

Think of a ROM as an image that defines what OS the phone will run, what themes it will have on it (i.e. what does it look like), what capabilities it has, what applications it comes with by default, etc. So flashing a ROM is simply overwriting the existing image with another image that might look/behave differently.

If you think about a regular PC, you might think that Windows XP is a ROM and Windows 7 is another ROM. So flashing a ROM on your phone is sort of like going from WinXP to Win7 on a PC. They both do roughly the same stuff but just look different, come with different applications, and have different tweaks.

Hopefully the super user issue is clear now. CyanogenMod is simply the name of one such Android ROM that can be installed on the phone. There are many other ROMs but again, they are all roughly the same it's just different looks, different apps, etc.
That was splendid. I fully understand what you are saying. You're an excellent teacher!

Hmm, I'm honestly not sure what to tell you about this. It should recognize the device is plugged in. However, Windows Mobile Device Center would probably try to sync with the "Active Sync" program on the phone, but since it's running Android instead of Windows...that program doesn't exist. So I would expect that syncing fails but it should at least recognize it as an Android device. Not sure what to tell you here.
Well, I have installed and uninstalled and gone through a plethora of attempts to get it to recognize, but it doesn't.

I'm honestly not sure that you really want to do this. Most people that have the HD2 really want to install Android because they feel it is a better operating system. Certainly it has many more apps available for it. I would urge you to stick with Android, though maybe a different ROM would be easier for you to use? Sounds like your friend might be a good resource to help you learn how to use the phone though...
Well, if the Android is superior, then I'd rather not nix it. However, it won't let me remove his Google account (as I have stated) thus it renders Android almost useless except that I can also have my own Google account on the phone.

My friend did none of the work to get the phone to its current condition. He has another friend who did all of that and I don't know this person, and he tells me that this person is not in my state. Grrr..... I'm frustrated.

In any case, if you really truly want to switch it back to Windows then you can get the Windows install image from here:

Just click on the link under the HD2 and enter in your IMEI number (which you should be able to find somewhere in the phone's settings. I think it is also on the phone itself, under the battery so you can pull the battery out and find it there).

After you have downloaded the program just follow the on-screen steps and it will overwrite Android with Windows Mobile 6.5. When the phone reboots it will be like Android never existed and you just bought the phone directly from the T-Mobile store.
Except it wants me to use Windows Mobile Device Center, which brings us full circle back to square one--it won't talk to the phone.

Do you know how to get the phone to remove his Google account? seems like that would be the best solution as it would allow me to keep the superior Android system along with all of its goodies without me having to take the phone into someone to fix it.
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