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OK - I don't have your phone.

But - if I did this correctly, this zip file contains the widget made by Bandage's instructions.

Part 1, the zip -

  1. Place into your /mnt/sdcard
  2. I recommend Astro File Manager - long press
  3. Extract
  4. Extract To This Directory

Part 2, the install -

  1. Download Widgetsoid2.x and install.
  2. Back button to get rid of message screen and get out of app.
  3. Long-press on Home Screen, and select "Widgets"
  4. Scroll down to Widgetsoid Switcher (1x1)
  5. Scroll right on bottom tool list to Profiles - tap Profiles
  6. tap 3G
  7. Load
  8. Are you sure you want to load this profile? YES
  9. Lower right button -> Apply
  10. Do you want to edit? NO

If I set this all up correctly (and I did test all of this as best I could without owning a Photon) - you just installed the widget without having to get too detailed on Widgetsoid's more confusing screens.

Once you have more Widgetsoid experience, you can play with themes (or somebuddy here can help).

If this really works please show the love to AF and link back here using the permalink post at the upper right of this post.

Kang (plagarize ) the whole thing outright if you like, I've done this for the benefit of the Photon community, but I think asking a link back is fair.

Hope this helps!


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