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Originally Posted by drexappeal View Post
I'd assume it'd have to be done from a rooted phone because Widgetsoid has to stay on the SD card in order to function properly. I found out the hard way that profiles that are saved don't transfer over because when i went to load up the profiles I had stored (from my EVO), they were gone when I downloaded the app onto my Photon.
Widgetsoid warns to never install onto SD card.

I made that with it installed on the phone. I think of it as just another app/sd-card relationship - just like the camera is on the phone, but it's data is on the sd card. Same thing.

When you uninstall Widgetsoid, it erases the profiles. If you don't have them restored first before installation, it doesn't recognize them.

Can't remove the fact that I'm rooted - but I did built and exercise a pretty good size test matrix (14 use cases for various ways to do this) before suggesting my procedure.

Try it.

Has the "Shoot Me" app been updated so that it'll work on non-rooted phones with Gingerbread again? I'd be happy to share screen shots of the widgets I made. Or if anybody knows of another screen capture app that I can use, I'd be happy to try that as well.
Not that I'm aware. You might try them, sometimes those screen capture apps - even though intended to work with only root - will work anyway with some phone models. (I remember a lot of confusion about this, especially with the Samsung owners last year.)

For what it's worth, I recommend making screen shots from Android SDK, especially on an unrooted phone. You just can't go wrong. TS and I have both posted instructions for that recently, look for his screen shot posts from last night for the link. It's pretty easy following the step-by-step instructions and once you have it, you're not at the mercy of a separate app for this - plus your shots end up on PC without an extra step, which in my case, is where I really want them anyway.
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