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Originally Posted by opulybbob View Post
So I'm a newbie to the Android os, and last week I upgraded from the ancient, and now obsolete palm pre, and bought the Samsung Nexus S..

There is nothing wrong with the way this phone operates in anyway, I'm having a hard time getting used to the touch screen typing and I am ALWAYS texting. The touch screen is super sensitive and I am constantly making typo's and Iím not one to abbreviate..
Another small thing that I miss is LED notifications.. For some reason or another, Samsung did not want to include a LED blinking light for missed texts/calls and as stupid as it sounds I miss this a lot.

The point: I am going to be returning this phone and was very interested in the HTC EVO Shift but a couple of people have told me to stay away. Does anyone have any recommendations on other phones based on the complaints I just had? Possibly a phone coming out in the near future that I might want to wait for???
Any feedback would be helpful
It would be helpful if you told us the reasons the couple of people had for telling you to stay away from the Shift!

The Shift does have an LED that reminds you of unseen notifications (email. text, etc.)

It has a slide out keyboard that is pretty good.
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