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Originally Posted by bberryhill0 View Post
Rooted of course. Running Droid Concepts build 11. Overclocked at 800 mhz. I just had to reboot it twice to make this post. The Droid 1 seems to handle video better than the Eris but not a lot better.

I get the impression that Motorola runs the UI at a lower priority than HTC does. Very frustrating. I hate dealing with computers that have more important things to do than responding to ME! I bought this little computer to use, not to gaze at it's screen while it does it's own thing.
My upgrade date is coming up next week, but I may not upgrade immediately as my rooted Eris has been almost perfect. I am running xtrROM on the latest version and am OC'd at just under 800MHz. I have switched to another launcher that allows me to lock my home screens. (Love it!) I keep mine clean and running as fast as possible while using some tricks to conserve battery life, and limit any potential lag. My web experience is the only thing I am not thrilled with on the Eris right now. But the screen is almost too small for it anyway. My Eris has long outlived my own expectations of the device.

I think I will be upgrading this fall but want to make sure I get the right device. For me, just a little bigger screen and 4G would make things a world better.

My worry really is with all the giant screened phones out there I may miss my Eris in the end.
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