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Originally Posted by davidcline View Post
Had a "blackout" yesterday. Was looking at something on the phone...hit the temp powerdown and set the phone down. When I picked it up a few minutes later and hit the power key....BLACK...NOTHING. Instead of taking out the battery I plugged the power cord in and it acted like it was charging....I then could hit the power button and it restarted as if it was completely powered down. just went dark again....I hit power button and nothing....I plug the power chord in and it indicates charging....and it shows only 5% power!

So sounds like a FAST power drain of some kind??

Don't think I will return the phone yet....sounds like a software problems somehow???

I would strongly suggest that you get some diagnostic apps that can show you what consumed your battery. There are some apps out there that are notorious for not allowing the phone to properly sleep, using data in the background, etc., that all contribute to battery drain. This is not necessarily unique to the P4G either.

First check your Battery Usage stats under Settings. Compare your awake vs uptime values and if they're almost identical, then there's a sleep/wake issue. Spare Parts is a great 3rd party app that can also assist in diagnosing app/battery usage issues.
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