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Originally Posted by bigbabys View Post
I use a Z-Shield, are you guys being 100% honest in the manner you dropped your phones? I find it hard to believe there is nothing on your screen did the OG droid have gorilla glass? Cause mine was looking a little rough when I upgraded...
I put it in pockets with keys a bunch of times, and I dropped it 3 times on pavement. Twice it landed on the corners (and they did get a bit roughed up), and once on its face.

The ghost armor had more pocks and craters and scratches than anything. Once I peeled it off, the glass was super smooth. I dropped it once after I peeled off the screen protector (it hit primarily on the corner but did come to rest on the screen). And I put it in same pocket with keys a bunch of times after the protector came off.

Now, I didn't go testing it by gouging it with a key like they did in a couple of youtube videos I saw, but it has held up perfectly. I looked at it really well before this post to make sure, and it doesn't have a single scratch or dent on the screen. The body is a different story.